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Carol Steward

Carol Steward

Heartwarming romance, heartstopping suspense

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Carol's top writing themes

Elements of time
Communications technology
Body language

About Carol

I never dreamed of becoming a writer. In fact, my career exploration choices in seventh grade were airline stewardess and forester. Well, I’m far from either, but I’ve tried just about everything in between, whether in real life or in my books. I met my future husband in seventh-grade math class. He’s five years older and was dating someone else at the time, but from that day on, Dave was the one man to whom I compared all other suitors. So when our paths crossed in youth group at our church several years later, my dream of true love came to life.

From there came love, then marriage, and then the babies in the baby carriage. Dave’s geology career took us to my home state of Wyoming for a short stay, then to North Dakota to ride out the oil boom of the early 80's, then back home to Northern Colorado where I convinced him to pursue his true love – teaching. Back to school he went while I spent the next twenty years in family child care. Raising over a hundred and fifteen children, changing diapers and singing childish ditties for two decades may seem slightly insane to many, but I felt blessed to do something I so loved – be a mother. Everyone knows what teenagers think about being mothered, so the distraction of pre-schoolers in the house worked wonders for everyone. Now that my own children are grown and flying the nest, I have filled the house with dogs, cats writing books, and working at the University of Northern Colorado helping young adults reach for their own dreams.

Creativity has always been my gift. Whether it be needlework, sewing or writing, there isn't much I haven't dabbled in. When God called me to write, I moved from president to newsletter editor of the child-care association and even retired from my lucrative cake-decorating business to devote myself to His calling. The Harlequin editor called April 15, 1997 and launched my writing career.

Selling a book is much like riding a roller-coaster – every step of the process, every sale brings that exhilarating high. During the less exciting times, I’m busy gathering ideas and refilling my cup. Throughout all of the different seasons, God has continued to teach me to turn to Him. I have also learned to simplify my life and appreciate my many blessings.

To find out more about my slightly crazy life and my books, check out my website on the social links.