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Caren Lissner

Caren Lissner

Proud to write for Mira Ink

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Explicit physical intimacy
Fashion & Style
Coming of age

About Caren

I grew up in central Jersey and majored in English at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where I first let my bizarre sense of humour loose on the university community through a bi-weekly humour column in the Daily Pennsylvanian.

After graduating in 1993 I moved to North Jersey. As I began work as a reporter covering gritty political battles and festivals in Hoboken, I also continued my fiction and satirical writing, managing to place a few humourous essays in the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer. After working on an array of short stories, ‘State of the Relationship Address’ went on to be published in Jane magazine in 1999.

I currently live in Hoboken, N.J., directly across the river from midtown Manhattan where I work as the editor-in-chief of a chain of eight weekly newspapers and spend the majority of my free time as a chronic creative writer of fiction and satire.

I have run a writers' group in Hoboken that has met monthly since 1994 and when I’m not writing, I co-host Tuesday Night Trivia each week in Greenwich Village, where fellow nerds show up on teams and match wits to win bar tabs. I also enjoy driving around singing badly.