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Candace Irvin

Candace Irvin

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Candace's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
The body
Elements of time

About Candace

As a child, I believed imagination was everything. Growing up as the daughter of a librarian and a sailor in locales as diverse as Germany and the Philippines, I had more than enough fodder to feed that imagination. As a teenager, I was also certain everyone had a couple of extra people running around inside their heads. It was only when my father warned me about those who heard voices – and where they eventually ended up – that I realised this wasn’t the case. I never had the heart to confess to my father that not only did those people talk to me, they led full-scale lives.

As an adult, I learned to blend action with my imagination. After a brief stint in the U.S. Army (long enough to survive basic training), I accepted a branch transfer and enrolled in the U.S. Navy’s Reserve Officer Training Corps. After being commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy and graduation from Surface Warfare Officer’s school, I finally followed my father to the sea where I spent my days fighting fires, plugging leaks, and cleaning up toxic gases aboard the naval warship. In fact, it was during one particular watch as the Gomper’s Officer of the Deck, that I noticed a nuclear transport container and began to imagine all sorts of intriguing scenarios. It wasn’t until five years later, after I’d learned to channel my excess energy and love of writing, that I turned that fateful night’s fictitious fruit into a book. Though the Navy might not appreciate the turns my mind took along the way, I hope you’ll enjoy the results.

I continue to draw on those experiences and my overactive imagination to pen tales of danger and intrigue on the high seas and off. The rest of my time is spent happily married to my own hero, a former U.S. Army Combat Engineer. We reside together in the South, raising our three future heroes and one gorgeous heroine.