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Barbara Phinney

Barbara Phinney

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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The body
Body language
Crime and detectives

About Barbara

I’ve always wanted to start a bio with 'I was born at a very young age...' but my books have so little humour in them that I am reluctant to do so. With the exception of my first book, All For A Good Cause, all of the stories I’ve written are romantic suspense. The last few are now reflecting my faith.
But, suspense aside, I enjoy life, love to laugh, and am blessed by my family, even more since I retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, where I worked as a vehicle technician. We’ve lived in three provinces and two countries and enjoyed all postings.
Since my husband retired from his career in the military and we moved back to his hometown, I’ve become a full-time writer, mother and volunteer at our church. I love doing all of those things, and yes, consider them fodder for my stories.

We love to travel, and I hope I have instilled that in my children. Two years ago, my daughter and I took a mission trip to Bolivia, and loved every minute of it. Though Bolivia is the poorest country in the Americas, it’s big on love, faith and courage, and I’m proud to have met some wonderful natives of that country. Next time we go, we’re taking the rest of the family with us.
I’m the youngest of three children. We lost our parents while we were young, but I think that was part of what moulded us into who we are today. And we’re spread out on three continents, too, each raising our own families. Today, the relatives I see regularly are my husband’s, and when you read my books, you’ll really get the sense of a small town!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Barbara Phinney

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