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Audra Harders

Audra Harders

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Audra's top writing themes

Nature and the outdoors - fields/ hills
The body
Family - connections

About Audra

Truth to tell, I haven’t always wanted to write books.

When fellow writers confess they wrote their first books in elementary school – a sure sign ink ran through their veins rather than blood – I sometimes feel like such a fake. You see, I grew up reading romance novels ala Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, losing hours of time submerged in her beautiful prose and complex characters. But Ms. Woodiwiss didn’t write fast enough for me! At that point, I thought maybe I could fill in the void she left between novels with works of my own. Weren’t we all foolish in our younger years??

I love and adore my hero husband and we’ve been blessed with two beautiful children. We have three dogs and raise chickens, goats and sheep along with the occassional pig and cow. Life can get really hectic at times!!

I write books by night, and by day I work full time at our County Extension office as the 4-H secretary. Love the place! 4-H is an awesome programme for kids and their families. My husband and I lead the over-tens, and we plan to remain active as leaders and volunteers for years to come.

In my spare time, I attempt crocheting and my family loves me enough not to laugh at my not-quite-so-perfect projects. Cooking is a talent that evades me, though I keep on trying. Books with recipes boasting three-four ingredients line my shelves. I love to sew quilting projects (though not clothing) as so many great fabrics catch my eye. I've discovered that the trick isn’t in the sewing – it’s in choosing the right colour combinations. My latest interest comes in the form of stringing little beads together to create jewellry with just the right colours to match just the right outfits. How fun is this?

Oh, and my husband, besides being handsome, is also a very patient man :)

Life is good.