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Antoinette van Heugten

Antoinette van Heugten

Proud to write for Mira

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About Antoinette

I had a successful career as an international trial lawyer, before publishing my first novel Saving Max which follows a single mother whose teenage son has Asperger’s syndrome and becomes the primary suspect in a gruesome murder case. More than just a heart-pounding thriller, Saving Max is based on my real life experience as the mother of two autistic children.

I know first-hand the struggles and triumphs of living with autism, and have always been an advocate for my children in a world where few people understood their disorder. I’m an avid follower of the Autism Society of America, Talk Autism, Autism Speaks, the National Autism Association and Moms Fighting Autism, and have worked with parents who have recently received a diagnosis of autism for their children.

My goal in writing Saving Max was not only to create an entertaining book, but also to shed light on some of the misconceptions people have about the autism spectrum and to help other parents of children with autism know that they are not alone.
I received both my undergraduate degree and law degree from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. During my fifteen year career as a trial lawyer, I practiced all over the world, in locations such as Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands to Houston, my hometown.

I currently reside in Fredericksburg, Texas, with my husband, a former prominent oil and gas lawyer.

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