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Allie Pleiter

Allie Pleiter

The adventure starts right where you are!

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Allie's top writing themes

Emotional expression
Elements of time
Emotional expression - wit

About Allie

I’m an avid knitter, a raging coffee junkie, and a devoted chocoholic.

I write both fiction and non-fiction. I’d classify myself as an 'enthusiastic but slightly untidy mother of two', and I spend my days writing books, buying yarn, and finding new ways to avoid housework (I’m very good at that last one).

I grew up on America’s east coast and moved to the midwest to attend Northwestern University. I currently live outside Chicago, Illinois. My 'dare from a friend' to begin writing (really, that’s how it started) has produced two parenting books, twenty novels, and various national speaking engagements on faith, women’s issues, and writing.

If you'd like to know more, please visit my website or find me on Facebook or Twitter.