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Stephanie Bond

Stephanie Bond

Books to make you laugh and love…

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Lust and desire
Communications technology
Emotional expression

About Stephanie

I had a carefree childhood, growing up on a farm in Eastern Kentucky in the small town of Olive Hill. I have fond memories of running around the farm, gardening, sewing, quilting, painting and, of course – reading everything I could get my hands on! Books were in limited supply as our school library was really tiny, so when my aunt from Ohio would visit every month and bring bags full of paperback novels with her, I was in heaven!

It wasn’t until several years after I left school that I was nudged into writing. I was taking night classes to complete my MBA when one of my instructors commented that I had a flair for it and suggested that I write for academic journals. As soon as he said it though, all I could think about was whether I could write a romance novel!

My first attempt was a historical romance that I abandoned five chapters in when I found myself doing more research than actual writing. But I was determined to prove to myself that I could finish a manuscript and decided to switch to a contemporary romance – after pounding my way successfully through my first novel, I haven’t looked back.

I am always open to new opportunities but for now, I'm happy writing romantic comedies and humourous mysteries and exploring the exciting new digital world of publishing. I have a couple of screenplays in progress and I still have time to squeeze in a few of my favourite pastimes (like reading!) So I consider myself a very lucky woman.