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Claire Garber

Claire Garber

Proud to write for Mira

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Claire's top writing themes

Wining and Dining
Lust and desire
Theatre and stage

About Claire

I was born close to the city of Southampton, England, in 1978, the year Olivia Newton-John told John Travolta he was the one that she wanted and Space Invaders were launched.

I started writing books aged twenty six (literally yesterday) when I became overwhelmed by feelings of attraction and lust for various different handsome ski instructors in the French Alps. My friends urged me to express those feelings through the written rather than spoken word so I created an entire novel dedicated solely to my feelings towards a French boy with brown eyes and a French boy with blue eyes. It was some of my finest work. Sadly the publishing industry didn’t agree. So I went back to work, writing in my free time, creating several similarly average semi-finished books about, you guessed it, my feelings. Finally, on my thirtieth birthday (just yesterday), after my heart had been broken by yet another handsome French ski instructor I started writing my debut novel, Love is a Thief.