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Shelley Galloway

Shelley Galloway

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Elements of time
Lust and desire
Communications technology

About Shelley

I first discovered Harlequin romances at my public library. There, stacked high along the back shelves, were stacks of books that were far more interesting and fun than anything freshman English could offer.

Since then, I've read hundreds of Harlequins, been fortunate enough to meet many authors and am thrilled to be publishing my very own Harlequin romances. Of course, none of this has stopped me from still reading at every chance I get! Everyone who knows me, knows that I always have a stack of books by my bed, in the car and in my purse.

When I'm not reading or writing, I can be found driving frantically around my small town, attempting to either pick up or drop off the kids on time from one of their many church, sport or music activities. I've been known to cart around my miniature dachshund Suzy, too, even though Suzy’s never met a stranger she likes.

I also love to shop, go out to eat, get my nails done and go on long walks with my husband. One day I'm sure I'm going to exercise more, find joy in vacuuming and remember to water my plants. Until then, I'll continue to find my joy through romance writing.