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Susan Gable

Susan Gable

Laugh, cry, live, love… relatable, heartwarming romances

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Hi, my name is Susan, and I'm a bookaholic. It's all my parents' fault, really. You see, they're bookaholics, too. My mom enrolled me in the Weekly Reader Book Club when I was about four years old, and... I've been hooked on books ever since. Maybe that makes me more a bibliophile than a bookaholic. Or maybe both terms apply to me equally.

I was born and grew up in New Jersey. Besides books, I also loved school. You could generally find me finishing my work quickly so I could... what else? Read, of course. I always had a book with me. In high school, I was my class valedictorian. And also voted Class Bookworm. (You're surprised, right?)

I attended Douglass College – Rutgers University, where I got a BA in Psychology. (Very helpful for creating characters, believe me.) I also studied Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and went on to teach elementary school for ten years in New Jersey. Then life moved me. I lived for one year in West Virginia. Then came to Erie, PA, where I still live and where many of my books are set. I love Erie. The winters can be long, cold and snowy (in other words, perfect for staying at home, reading and writing) but the summers here are gorgeous! Well worth the price we pay in the winter. When I came to Erie, getting a teacher's certificate seemed like a monumental task. I taught kindergarten for one year in a private school (God bless ALL kindergarten teachers – it's the hardest grade level I ever taught) and the next year, I home schooled my own son for first grade. I then wanted to trade him for fifteen kids who belonged to other people. (God bless people who can home school successfully, because it so didn't work for us!) In an effort to regain my sanity, I turned to writing. I started by dabbling in fan fiction, and I wrote like a woman possessed. (I did, after all, hear voices in my head.) I learned a lot about craft from some excellent fan fiction writers, and then decided that I wanted to do this "for real." I enrolled in an online course, joined Pennwriters and Romance Writers of America, wrote my first novel (which had serious failings) in about three months, and set my course looking forward.

I went on to sell my first book to Harlequin Superromance. Seven novels later one of my favourite things about writing is still the fact that there is always something new to learn. I’ve found there's something rewarding about sitting on this side of the books, too – the hope that I can provide readers with the same hours of pleasure and joy that authors have always given to me.

It’s always great to hear from readers, so if you’d like to drop me a line, please visit my website.