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Meredith Fletcher

Meredith Fletcher

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Meredith's top writing themes

Crime and detectives
Crime and weapons
The body

About Meredith

I came by my restless nature honestly. My father was a Navy man and so my family often moved around from place to place. I attended a succession of schools and learned to love books – they were the only things that I knew could be folded up and taken with me at a moments notice!

After finishing college, I maintained an interest in history, military, and good books, all of which led me to one day believe I could write my own stories.

I like to spend time with my friends, either at baseball games, shopping, perusing old bookstores (with a preference for ones with wooden floors) or seeing the sights. Even though I’ve settled down (somewhat), I prefer new experiences and new hobbies, and will often drop everything to go see/hear/do something I’ve never done before. I love motorcycles (fast), boats (fast), and having a man in my life (not so fast!). Naturally, my daredevil nature lends itself to exciting tales of romance.