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Shannon Farrington

Shannon Farrington

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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About Shannon

Hi! My name is Shannon Farrington. I am an American gal raised in the south, whose faith, family, and history are extremely important. I am fiercely proud of my Scotch-Irish/English ancestry and I love learning about the extraordinary people who came before me – it's from these stories that I garner inspiration for my own writing. I love creating characters who press through discouraging times, endure hardship and sacrifice and finally come to a place of joy. My favourite time period to write about is the American Civil War.

When I am not researching or writing I am usually knitting, herding my small flock of chickens through the garden, or spending time with my family. I have been married for twenty years to my teenage sweetheart and he is still my hero and the love of my life! God has blessed us with two wonderful children and they inspire a great deal of humour in our lives.

For any aspiring writers out there (or any other career), I would say, 'Keep at it! Don’t give up!' With faith and perseverance, dreams really do come true!