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Anna DePalo

Anna DePalo

Best selling author of passionate contemporary romance

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Anna's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Emotional expression

About Anna

I began my first novel in my teens. I wish I could say this early manuscript brought fame and fortune – or at least enough spending money for a trip to the shopping mall. Instead, that first attempt – well, all three pages of it – hit the trash heap, and I grasped why writers throughout history may have burned their papers for posterity.

I went on to live in Italy and England, graduate from Harvard, earn an advanced degree in Political Science, practice intellectual property law, and marry a prince (albeit the crown-less variety!).

I eventually gave fiction writing another try, believing that having done some more living would help me tell the truth about life in the pages of made-up stories. This time I didn't stop at three pages – or even ninety three. Writing during weekends and evenings, moonlighting after a day job as an attorney, I finally typed my first 'The End.' That first finished manuscript, Having the Tycoon's Baby, soon sold to Harlequin, became a bestseller and award winner, and has been published in over twenty countries to date.

These days, I have happily traded a lawyer's navy suits for a writer's blue jeans. When I'm not chauffeuring my two school-age children, I can be found in front of my home-office computer. I love hearing from readers and you can find me on my website, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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Boardrooms of Power

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