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Genell Dellin

Genell Dellin

Rugged romances from the Rocky mountains

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Elements of time
Emotional expression - wit
Horses and ranches

About Genell

Since I come from the small town of Poteau, in the Little Dixie section of Oklahoma, I take particular pleasure in writing about the community of Rock Springs. It brings back great memories of growing up and the feeling of strength and refuge that comes from living in a small, warm community.

There is, however, another side to living in a close community; the fact that everybody knows everybody else’s faults and weaknesses. My two sisters Linda and Bonnie, insist on telling everyone that as we grew up I was always hiding out, reading books and writing stories while they were left to do both their own chores and mine! I maintain that this is in fact a wild exaggeration. Though I will admit then when I discovered Gone With the Wind, I read it during every class, during piano practice, during meals, in the car… perhaps they weren't exaggerating so much after all...

I have now written more than thirty comtemporary and historical novels and I  live with my husband in rural Oklahoma, on a limestone hillside not far from a marker proclaiming the highest spot in the Cherokee Nation.