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Janet Dean

Janet Dean

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Janet's top writing themes

The body
Emotional expression
Marriage and family

About Janet

I grew up in a family that cherished the past and had a strong creative streak. My father was a storyteller, like his father before him and the yarns my father and grandfather told instilled in me a love of the past and the desire to tell stories on paper. At twelve I wrote my first 'novel', but when the time came to choose a career, I wanted to teach.

After graduating, I married my college sweetheart, then taught first grade before leaving teaching to bring up my two daughters. During those early years together, me and my husband found the church we still attend, joined Bible studies and developed a love of scripture and a closer walk with God. I volunteered in my daughter’s schools, taught Sunday school at my church and pursued my creative hobbies.

With my daughters almost grown and no longer in need of so much of my time, I turned to my girlhood dream. My journey toward publication took nine exciting, sometimes painful years of learning the craft and dealing with rejection. Fascinated by history and the role of strong women in our nation's past, I bring both together in my faith-based love stories.

Today I write inspirational historical romances for Love Inspired Books. My stories of maintaining faith in trying circumstances show the power of God to strengthen families. When I'm not writing, I enjoy rubber stamping greeting cards, playing golf and reading.