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Geralyn Dawson

Geralyn Dawson

Bestselling Author of contemporary romance

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Geralyn's top writing themes

Body language
Emotional expression
Clothes & Accessories

About Geralyn

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, with my husband, our daughter and the family pet – a crippled dachshund named Lucy. I love college football, hate sorting socks, cook a mean bowl of chilli and wish my sons would shave their moustaches. I believe in happy endings and the health benefits of pecan pie. My dreams include an extended South Seas vacation, a Big XII football championship for the Texas Aggies, and to beat my husband just once at golf.

I'm a three-time Rita finalist and have won numerous awards including the National Readers' Choice Award, RWA's Top Ten Favourite Books of the Year Award and a Career Achievement award from Romantic Times magazine. I am also an active member of the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation.

To learn more about me or my books or Lucy (who still catches birds despite her disability, and what does that say about the intelligence of birds who can be snuck upon by a dog in a wheelchair?) Please visit my social links.