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Portia Da Costa

Portia Da Costa

Sunday Times bestselling author of delectable erotic romance

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Physical intimacy
Graphic physical intimacy
Body language

About Portia

I’m a British author and have lived and worked in West Yorkshire all my life. I began my writing career in the early 1980s, almost by mistake, when I was asked to write a story for an artist friend to illustrate. I was a librarian at the time and had been a voracious reader since childhood, but I'd never considered becoming an author. Never one to shun a challenge though, I took up my pen and wrote my first-ever piece of fiction; a melodramatic tale of the doomed romance between a mortal woman and an unusually handsome and non-decrepit zombie. The story was rubbish, of course, but I enjoyed the creative process so much that I resolved to learn how to write properly.

After a number of years writing purely for pleasure, my first published story appeared in 1991, and this time was about a sexy ghost. Since then, I’ve gone on to write well over a hundred stories for magazines and anthologies, and I’ve also produced around thirty novels across a variety of genres. Although I’ve written sweeter, gentler tales in my time, I’m known best of all for my sizzling-hot erotic romances. In 2013, my super steamy contemporary In Too Deep reached number 5 in the Sunday Times Fiction Bestsellers list, outsold by only E L James and Sylvia Day titles.

Chance of a Lifetime, a Spice Brief released in 2008, was my first-ever work for Harlequin Books and represents the fulfilment of a long-cherished dream. My very first attempts at writing for publication were category-length semi-sweet romances targeted at Mills & Boon. None of these early efforts was successful, but my deep yearning to write for the world’s best-known romance publisher has never waned.

I’ve been a full-time author since 1994 and I live with my husband of many, many years, and also our two beautiful cats, Mork and Mindy, who we dote on and adore. When I’m not writing, I like to read, mainly crime fiction, and especially the work of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I also watch a massive amount of television and my favourites are crime dramas from both sides of the Atlantic, principally The Mentalist and television adaptations of Poirot, Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes. I also love to spend time on Facebook and Twitter, having a laugh with my online buddies. Among my other interests are art, fashion and popular science, and I also share my husband’s passion for the military history of World War Two.