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Melinda Curtis

Melinda Curtis

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Melinda's top writing themes

Surburbia and neighbours
The body
Cars and road trips - rural

About Melinda

I grew up on an isolated sheep ranch in California, where I was allowed to roam the 50-acres unaccompanied as soon as I could walk – despite reproted sightings of passing mountain lions. Being a brave and rather optimistic clueless-of-the-danger sort, I took to playing ‘what if’ games. What if the mountain lion comes by while I'm picking up firewood at the edge of the forest? What if my plastic boat sinks in the sheep pond? What if it never stops raining and the road gets so muddy we're trapped? It led to my fascination with creating stories where I could answer all those ‘what ifs.’

I spend days chained to my desk trying to figure out new ways to say ‘He made her heart pound...’ that might sound relatively boring, but the mental challenge keeps me on top of my game, so my three kids and college sweetheart husband don't often get the best of me.