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Jodi Lynn Copeland

Jodi Lynn Copeland

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Jodi's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Graphic physical intimacy

About Jodi

I grew up on Michigan's farmland, surrounded by the open country and plenty of fresh air. While I had many passions in those early years, writing and reading were not among them – in fact I found them bouth especially difficult and it wasn't until after I had to have extensive surgery that landed me in bed for a number of weeks, that I began to appreciate the written word. During those long days, my mom turned me on to the great escape found in historical romances and I developed a deep love for the foreign lands, time periods and lairds and ladies that filled the pages.

It took an entry-level English college course and one very special instructor to open my eyes to the reality that I didn't have to stop at reading about those fascinating and far off places – I had the aptitude to write about them. I began my first novel – a very gritty, very poorly written romantic suspense – in 1996. In 1998, both the book and college were finished. While I was able to find a job as a technical writer and designer in my chosen field of engineering, my success as an author wasn't so quick to pass.

After nearly a dozen stories of varying lengths and dozens of rejection letters, I eventually sold my first novel, a contemporary erotic romance, in 2003. Since then I have written more than thirty stories (almost all of which have thankfully found a home) found my own true hero, and added two wonderful children (who have an uncanny habit of doubling as sarcastic little monsters) to the blessings that fill our country home.