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Sue Civil-Brown

Sue Civil-Brown

Proud to write for Mira

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Sue's top writing themes

Life on the water - fishing
Coming of age
The beach

About Sue

When I was nine, I remember that my mother used to tell me to go out and play every time I hid inside the basement reading and writing stories. Now, decades later, when I would love to go outside and play in the Florida sunshine, my editors force me to hide in my office and write.
I think that’s probably the only straight line in my life so far. From anthropology to computer science, from UFOs to Atlantis theories, from egrets and herons to Siberian huskies pouncing around the living room – there’s little that has not or might not attract my inquisitive attention.
Despite varied interests, I am, above all, a student and observer of people. How they stand, whether in couples or casual groups. Their facial expressions, the way they walk, their gestures... And when I’m talking with people, the question I most commonly ask is, ‘Why?’
My wide range of interests, particularly in people, enable me to infuse my books with variety, detail, and a depth of human emotion that I hope draws on readers imaginations and brings the characters in my stories to life.