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Janice Carter

Janice Carter

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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The best Christmas present I ever received was the portable typewriter my parents bought me when I was sixteen. The day it arrived, I was home sick from school and back then delivery people used to leave packages between the screen and the exterior wooden door. Of course I happened to notice the box, but I left it for my mother to retireve so that it wouldn't ruin the surprise, though I could hardly wait for Christmas so I could legitimately acknowledge by beautiful new type writer!

I spent that whole winter writing serial novelisations for my school friends and every morning before class they'd gather by my locker, eager for the next installment. I should have known then I was meant to be a romance writer!

As every writer will know, writing is a solitary craft – but it's exciting and exhilarating in greater measure. The power of creating characters and lives for each of them, inter-joining all in a quick-paced, interesting, and original story, is indescribable. Still, one of my happiest moments remains the time my daughter – then five years old – pointed me out to her teacher and said proudly, "My mommy is an arthur."

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