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Mary Buckham

Mary Buckham

Award winning author of romantic suspense

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About Mary

I meant to grow up living all over the world, but someone else lived that life and I didn't. Thus ended Life Goal #1. Instead, I spent my childhood in Spokane, Washington, a charming city in eastern Washington just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Idaho and Canadian borders.

When college came around, I indulged in wanderlust and went to universities in Seattle, Hawaii, Italy and eventually Washington, D.C. Still not ready to settle down, I proceeded to hike around the world, starting from Washington State and heading east. The plan was to leave the adventuring behind once I reached Japan and I would move onto Life Goal #2 – which was to join a convent. Taking a vow of silence didn't sound hard. After all, if no one was speaking there was more time to live a very full and stimulating mental life – the other nuns didn't have to know there were people talking in my head.

Alas, my best-laid plans backfired as my Prince Charming caught up with me in London and we got married in Westminster Cathedral. We returned to live in the U.S., planning to go back to Europe – until our first child arrived, followed quickly by numbers two through six. My dream of a peaceful life in the convent was officially a thing of the past!

Seeking to escape diapers and dishes, I joined the corporate world and worked in both the accounting and financial fields before I wised up and realised that what I really wanted to do was write. My first novel – a historical romance – almost became a murder mystery as I was interrupted so many times writing it that I wanted to kill off all the main characters rather than allow them to mate and have children! Eventually, I found a compromise – romantic suspense – where I could create wonderful relationships, and add in a some bombs and bloodshed for those times.

These days I live in a picturesque port town on Washington's Pacific Northwest coast with my children, and a husband who learned how to cook, because I tend to forget things like meal prep when I'm caught up in a good plot line.