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Pamela Britton

Pamela Britton

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Pamela's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Body language

About Pamela

I have been known to have a zany sense of humour. I blame it on the amount of Fruity Pebbles I consume. Not wanting to actually have to work for a living, I have enjoyed a variety of odd careers such as modelling, working for race teams – including NASCAR's Winston Cup – and drawing horses.

Over the years I’m proud to say that my stories have accumulated various awards, including a National Reader's Choice Award for best long historical romance for my novel Seduced, which was also nominated for a HOLT Medallion. Fortunately, doing laundry, scooping manure and caring for a precocious four-year-old who's not impressed that mommy ‘colours books’ tends to keep me pretty humble!

I feel privileged to write full-time from my ranch in Northern California where I live with my husband, daughter, and – at last count – fifteen four-legged friends.