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Eden Bradley

Eden Bradley

Desire on the edge…

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Explicit physical intimacy
The beach
The body

About Eden

I’ve had a life-long fascination with the written word. I was taught to read at the age of three when I complained there were never enough adults around to read to me, and I began writing when I was eight. I’m a bit obsessed with art – you’ll find references to art and characters with artistic occupations in many of my books. I’m also a huge costume geek who gets my geek out by creating steampunk garb for the yearly photo shoots I do with my fellow authors and blog-mates, the infamous Smutketeers, which you can see on our blog.

I write dark, edgy, erotic romantic fiction. I’ve written over thirty contemporary, paranormal and futuristic novels, novellas and short stories for various publishers as both Eden Bradley and Eve Berlin, often with an emphasis on kink. My books have been translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Czech and Japanese – I love seeing my foreign editions, and hope to visit each of those countries someday!

I’ve appeared regularly on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls, where I’ve read from my books and given advice on sex, have conducted workshops and participated in dozens of panels on writing and BDSM. I’ve long been ‘out of the closet’ as someone who has spent most of my adult life involved in BDSM practice and have visited clubs and dungeons all over the US and in Canada, which has had an enormous impact on my writing. They say (whoever ‘they’ are!) to ‘write what you know', and I often do!

When I’m not writing you can find me wandering museums and art galleries, shopping for shoes and lip gloss, or getting tattooed (another obsession of mine). A California native, I recently moved from Hollywood to Dallas, where I’m getting used to Texan men and developing a bit of a southern accent.