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Deborah Bedford

Deborah Bedford

Healing hearts, by the book

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Audiences and crowds
Physical intimacy
The body

About Deborah

I was born in Texas and earned my degree in journalism and marketing from Texas A&M University. Immediately after graduating, I accepted editorship of Evergreen Today, a weekly newspaper based in the small mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado. While I was serving there as editor, I worked seventy or eighty hours week writing stories and cut-lines, sports and features, chasing fire trucks and checking police reports, taking pictures, editing…

It was a long time before I began to dream of returning to fiction writing, my first love. For my birthday in the summer of 1984, my husband Jack bought me a copy of the 1984 Writers' Market, and I began to meticulously send letters to every publisher listed in the book. Rejection letters flowed back by the handfuls. I now have a large folder where I keep them for posterity’s sake.

I also kept the letter I received from Harlequin which invited me to submit a complete manuscript but warned me that they did not want books about cowboys, airline pilots, guest ranches or Texans – my manuscript was the story of a woman who marries an airline pilot in Texas, who then goes on to die in a plane crash. Following this, the heroine runs away to a guest ranch and falls in love with a cowboy.

I have to laugh now when I tell the story. Harlequin went and bought the manuscript just five weeks after I submitted it.