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Toni Andrews

Toni Andrews

Something different this way comes…

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Emotional expression - wit
Crime and drugs

About Toni

I was born in Hartford, Connecticut and as the child of older parents, I became a ‘snow bird’ when they retired while I was still in first grade. I graduated from high school near their retirement community in Stuart, Florida and then spent a year in Kentucky before returning to finish college in Connecticut.

While working as a travelling salesperson a few years later, I fell in love with the beach-front town of Balboa, California, and quit my job so I could move there. I stayed for fifteen years before my career as a business analyst moved me on to Miami.

Now writing full time, I am back in New England, living in the tiny lakeside cottage where I spent summers as a child. I return to Balboa whenever I can and am always delighted to find the town still retains the unique character and charm that I so loved about it when I lived there so long ago.