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Karen Anders

Karen Anders

Love on the dangerous side…

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Karen's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Emotional expression

About Karen

I was a bibliophile at a young age. While other children were dragging around well-worn and well-loved blankets and teddy bears, I was dragging around books. In all shapes, sizes and colours; they were my constant companions. It’s no wonder really that I’m now writing my own books.

I read my first romance novel, The Princess Bride by William Goldman, in high school. After reading about Buttercup and her love, I was hooked, and moved on to The Sheik, a well-worn copy given to me by my Valentino-loving grandmother. These books opened up the world of true love, bringing with it all the excitement, joy and heartache contained in the human heart. I found out that romance writers know how to make love grow.

Coming from the conservative state of Vermont, it surprised me to find that I loved creating hot, sexy heroes, and the strong women who tame them. But beneath all that conservatism beat the heart of a true rebel! I have since escaped to culturally diverse Northern Virginia and am doing my best to raise two daughters, each a rebel in their own right. Between my roles as an administrative assistant for a university dean and single working mother, it’s an adventure for me to find time to get in a few hours of writing amidst the mundane chores and reigning chaos of everyday life.

I invite readers to hook themselves to my bandwagon and I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Though I do suggest you don’t drag them around - it’s murder on the covers.