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Laura Marie Altom

Laura Marie Altom

Heartwarming family romance SEAL'd with a kiss!

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Laura's top writing themes

Elements of time
The body
Lust and desire

About Laura

I don't keep regular writing hours and whenever I do finally sit down to write, one of my kids usually pops in from college to play – not that I'm complaining, as I love it when they visit! We all live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hubby and I have been married twenty-five years, and our twins, Hannah and Terry, turn twenty-one this summer. We have three dogs and two cats. Sweet pea is our mutt, and will be sixteen in September! Cocoa is a long-haired dachshund. She's twelve, blind and partially deaf. Hubby teases that she sleeps closer to me at night than he does! Daisy, our Yorkshire terrier is the baby of the bunch. She's three and mercilessly bullies the kitties!

When I'm not writing, I watch a shameful amount of TV. Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead are my current favourites, although I still haven't recovered from the shock of Matthew's death! I love to read, but when I'm in the midst of writing a romance, I enjoy reading other genres. James Rollins always gives me great adventure reads! I enjoy cooking, but never from recipes. It's much more fun to just scrounge through the kitchen and toss a few ingredients together. Sometimes, I get a yummy surprise, other times, not so much...

I always love to hear from my readers and you can get in touch with me on my website, Facebook or Twitter.

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