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Hannah Alexander

Hannah Alexander

Medical romance and suspense with a Christian worldview

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Hannah's top writing themes

doctors and treatment
Emotional expression - wit

About Hannah

I wrote for fourteen years before I had my first novel published – an achievement I often thank my husband, Mel, for.

When we first married, Mel used to talk about his experiences of working in the emergency department and I had the idea that perhaps we could create some good stories that way. And we did. We completed six ER-type, lengthy novels set in a small town emergency departments here in Missouri. Then, when I realised I was too overwhelmed by all the medical jargon, we signed with Harlequin and I started writing women's fiction for the Steeple Hill line. It was a relief that I no longer had to sit for hours begging Mel to explain to me - just one more time – how to get a procedure right, or how to spell a certain medical word. I was in my element with women's fiction, with romance and just a touch of medicine and suspense. That will always be the kind of story that I love to write.

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