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Laura Abbot

Laura Abbot

Stories of faith, hope and love

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doctors and healing injuries
The body

About Laura

Words, words, words! Even from when I was tiny, my grandmothers filled my ears and my imagination with the power of language and storytelling. As we sat in her Lake Michigan cottage, my paternal grandmother introduced me to Robinson Crusoe, Alice in Wonderland, and the genius of A. A. Milne. My maternal grandmother lived in our Kansas City home, and her upstairs bedroom was a wonder – furnished with antiques, a working Victrola, and most of all, books. From her I learned the joy of poetry read aloud and the magic of storytelling.

Ever since, words have held me in thrall. With encouragement from my teachers, I majored in English and spent twenty-five fulfilling years as a high school English teacher and administrator. Yet lurking always in my soul was the desire to write. But, as often happens, life side-tracked that ambition. A wonderful life, though, populated by five remarkable children and eleven grandchildren. 

When my husband sold his business in Oklahoma and I took early retirement from teaching, we built our dream home on beautiful Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas, and here’s how my writing career began. My husband brought home a new computer, plopped it down on my desk, and uttered these immortal words: 'Okay, you always said you wanted to write.  Sit down, shut up and do it!'

Well, what was I to do? I wrote... and wrote... and wrote. I was blessed to sell my first completed novel to Harlequin Superromance, and fourteen more followed. Three of those books were adapted for the launch of the Heartwarming series. Now, I have a new challenge, shifting gears to write for Love Inspired Historical.

So what do I do for fun? For starters, my husband and I 'collect' National Park Service sites, travel to research upcoming stories, and always love visiting family. A special treat is our three-month winter hiatus in Tucson, AZ. I enjoy knitting and volunteer work, but my favorite pastime? You guessed it. Reading! Thank you, Nana and Grandmama, for starting me on a lifelong path which has given me years of joy!

Favourite films

Notting Hill

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