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Anne Fraser

Anne Fraser

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Anne's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
doctors and healing injuries

About Anne

I was born in Scotland, but brought up in South Africa where I lived until I left school. On returning to Scotland, I spent some time working on archaeological sites in the remote Western Islands of the land, which also happened to be the birthplace of my parents. I left there to train as a nurse in Edinburgh before studying English Literature at university. Then, following the birth of our first child, my Doctor husband and I took our young daughter and travelled all over the world, working in rural Africa, Australia and Nothern Canada.

Until I started to write full time I worked in the health sector, so have no shortage of medical scenes for my books. I also blatantly pick my husband’s brain to ensure the medical detail is correct and up to date. And if he can't help, he usually manages to find a colleague who can.

I still love to travel and I grab any opportunity to see new places, using the most romantic locations as settings for my books.

To relax I enjoy playing tennis, yoga, walking and of course, reading.

Favourite films

A Brief Encounter

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