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Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols

History comes alive with mystery and danger...

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Horses and ranches
Marriage and family
The home

About Mary

Though I was born in Singapore to a Dutch-South African father and an English mother, I came to England when I was three and I consider myself totally English. My father, like many people who learn English as a second language, would have no sloppiness, either spoken or written, and I put my love of the language down to him. He was also a great reader and there were always books in the house so that I learned to read at a very early age. I read anything that came to hand, whether it was suitable or not! By the time I was nine or ten, my one ambition was to be a writer.

My first novel, handwritten in several school exercise books, was completed when I was fifteen. Not having any idea of how to go about finding a publisher, I wrapped it up and sent it to the editor of the woman's monthly magazine my mother subscribed to. It says a great deal for that editor that she took the trouble to read it and sent me a long and very encouraging letter, which put my ambition into overdrive.

Finishing my education and finding a job took over in the next few years, followed by an early marriage and a family. When my children were all at school I joined the Cambridge Writers' Circle and went on to publish articles and stories in a variety of periodicals and magazines, but the ambition to be a novelist never wavered.
I joined the Romantic Novelists Association in the 1960s. My first novel was a contemporary one published by Robert Hale in 1981 and that was followed by nine more. I sent my first historical romance to Mills and Boon in 1985 and was delighted when a telephone call three weeks later told me it had been accepted. Since then I have been a regular writer for the historical series.

I spend part of every day at my computer writing and divide the rest of the time between reading and research, gardening, playing golf and, when it becomes necessary, housework. Occasionally I also give talks about my writing to groups and societies. Writing for me is an addiction. I’m simply not happy if I haven't got a book on the go and if my readers enjoy what I have written, then that is an added bonus.

I love to hear from my readers and you can contact me via my website.

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