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Rebecca York

Rebecca York

Where suspense and paranormal romance combine

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Rebecca's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Emotional expression - wit

About Rebecca

I started making up stories when I was a little kid, but instead of writing them down, I used to act them out with a cast of dolls.

I never imagined I could be an author because my spelling was terrible; something teachers spent a lot of time cutting me down for. (In defence, I developed handwriting where you couldn't tell the difference between an I or an E or an A or an O.) My life changed with the invention of the word processor and spell-checker – and with the help of my husband who spots spelling errors from fifty paces.

Now I'm a USA Today award-winning author of more than one hundred and fifty books. In addition to my fiction career, I've written fifteen cookbooks; although I admit that my first culinary adventure was a spectacular failure. At the age of three, I made a cake out of modelling clay and asked a friend to share it with me. We were both sick for a week. Fortunately that early misadventure didn't dampen my culinary enthusiasm and by the age of eight I had mastered the skill of doctoring canned soup with herbs and spices.

When I married during the summer between my junior and senior years in college, I surprised my new husband by making forty different main dishes before repeating myself. My only failure was trying to replace the cayenne pepper in devilled crab with twice the amount of normal black pepper. Thankfully, my husband likes his firey food.

I have other creative outlets too, besides writing and cooking. I also enjoy gardening and have created a European-style garden around my house, including a fishpond with a waterfall. I also enjoy decorating my home and doing craft projects. My favourite place in the house is my sunroom where I have trees, ferns and flowers, including lots of orchids. I hate exercising, but I make sure I do at least forty minutes of walking or weight lifting every day.

I'm proud of my many awards, including a Prism Award and several Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Awards for Best Harlequin Intrigue of the Year. And in 1998 my novel Nowhere Man won Affaire de Coeur’s Critics' Choice Award for Best Contemporary Romance Novel. I have also won two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times. And I'm thrilled that Michael Dirda of the Washington Post Book World, called me 'a real luminary of contemporary series romance.'

I work on a laptop I take to various places around my house. My favourite locations are my sunroom and the screened porch where I can listen to the waterfall in my fishpond while I write, and my cats can watch birds and squirrels. I love going to concerts and operas at the Kennedy Centre, playing bridge, touring local gardens, cooking and reading.

My husband and I love to travel and I collect experiences that find their way into my novels – like the times I encountered a coral snake in the Guatemalan jungle, took a helicopter over a burning lava field or flew in a glider plane. And the dry creek in my front garden is filled with the rocks my husband has kindly lugged home from around the world.

I have a B.A. in American Thought and Civilization from The George Washington University and an M.A. in American Studies from the University of Maryland. I head the Columbia Writers Workshop, a group of writers who have been meeting every two weeks to critique each other's work for the past twenty-five years.

I have to say, I have the best job in the world and, getting paid for spinning out the fantasies that play through my head is a dream.

Favourite films

Star Man