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Cathy Yardley

Cathy Yardley

Geek-girl writer of fun love stories

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Cathy's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

About Cathy

I am a fiction addict. I've been known to stay up all night to finish a new novel. I don’t 'read' so much as devour.

I am a foodie. People who follow me on Facebook can attest: I am a foodie-blog whore. Love Smitten Kitchen. Adore Pioneer Woman Cooks. Bake my own bread on a weekly basis. Total Top Chef freak.

I am a geekgirl. I love the San Diego Comic-con. I love Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher. I’m a bit Sherlockian, but I haven’t gone full Whovian yet.

I was part of the SCA – The Society for Creative Anachronism – and briefly sponsored my own mini army. I learned to speak some Japanese from anime.

I have a near encyclopedic knowledge of character actors and obscure movies. I have been called to settle bar bets.

I love being an author.

Love writing. Love promoting. Love everything about it. And I love hearing from readers. Check out my social links if you'd like to get in touch.