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Gail Whitiker

Gail Whitiker

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Gail's top writing themes

Romance and passion
Marriage and family
Emotional expression

About Gail

I suspected early in life that one of my Gemini personalities was a writer. The challenge was finding out what kind of stories I wanted to write. I’ve always had a vivid imagination and tried my hand at several different genres, but it wasn’t until I read my first Regency-set romance that I knew I’d found what I was looking for. The elegant language, the history and the social structure of the time all appealed to me in a way nothing else had. Having been born in Wales and able to explore the magnificent castles and country houses dotting the landscape, I had no trouble imagining my characters wearing period costume and falling in and out of love within those ivy-covered walls.

Home now is Vancouver Island, where there aren’t as many castles, but where high tea is still served on fine china and you’re just as likely to hear a British accent as a Canadian one. I’m a confessed chocoholic, love to travel and enjoy cooking, so a cooking class in Tuscany would have to be about as good as it gets! My other interests include reading, the occasional game of golf, and skiing.

Favourite films

Somewhere in Time, American President and Romancing the Stone

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