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Olivia Gates

Olivia Gates

Step inside for a taste of hot desert knights…

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Olivia's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Romance and passion

About Olivia

I've been a singer, a painter, a women's accessories designer, a wife, a mother – oh, and a doctor, too. I'm still all that, even if singing, painting and designing have taken a back seat, while my wife, mother and doctor sides have been pushed to the forefront.

I can see you wondering – uhh, what about writing?

Yes, I've always written, too, admittedly more off than on as I ran around being all of the above. Somehow, I never thought a writing career was an option. Then with the purchase of my first computer in 2001 (yeah, a bit behind, but I prefer to refer to it as my 'millennium upgrade!') and my introduction to cyberspace, I found and discovered that the publisher whose books I'd grown up devouring accepted un-agented manuscripts from first-time writers.

A determined spree of submissions (95% of them clueless until I actually learned the real hard business of writing!) and two years later, I sold my first book to Harlequin Medical Romance. The day I received a face-to-face call from my editor in my first ever writing conference among my writing friends and idols, the only ones who really understand what this achievement means, retains the place of honour in my life as its single most exciting day!

I currently live with my alpha husband, our lovely daughter and the family white Angora cat, all of whom contribute to my writing in thier own way. My husband is my adviser and, along with my incredible mother, my staunchest supporter. My daughter gives me plot ideas – all of them along the lines of a doctor trying to reach his patients barefoot across a hot rainbow. (With an imagination like that, I'm encouraging her to write her own books) and my cat curls up on my lap while I write, cramping my legs and critically watching as the story unfolds on the screen, editing the manuscript to his liking by walking all over the keyboard.

Favourite films

Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour

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