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Susan Wiggs

Susan Wiggs

Laugh, cry, dream…

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Lust and desire
Coming of age
Communications technology

About Susan

In addition to being a militant romance writer, a feminist, a guilt-ridden mother and a perfect wife, I also grow mutant tomatoes, speak French, and play the cello. My hobbies are reading, travelling the world and Fair Isle knitting. I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, my daughter, and the world's most ill-mannered Airedale. Although I have convinced my family that toiling away at a writing career makes me a candidate for martyrdom, I secretly believe it's the second-most fun to be had.

I found my calling whilst trapped at Barcelona Airport during an airline strike. I vividly remember savouring every lush, escapist word of a romance novel and ever since, it has been my quest to write the sort of books people cling to in crowded airports, or whenever life gets too crazy.