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Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre

Good girls just now how to keep secrets

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About Alessandra

I had always held a pie-in-the-sky dream that one day I’d be able to make enough money through writing to leave my job as an administration assistant. Stephen King’s book On Writing was the catalyst it took to get me to actually put pen to paper, and when I started writing my first novel Blindfolded Innocence somehow the characters and the plot just poured out. I got into a zone where I ate, drank, and lived the characters in the book. I completed it start to finish in just six weeks and decided to self-publish it three weeks later.

Given the erotic nature of the story, I didn’t send it out to family or friends to get feedback – I just put it out there in hopes of getting some sort of response from others. I planned on it being the first ‘practice step’ on the road to my future as an author, so I was completely taken aback when the response I received was so huge. My book quickly rose to the top of the charts on Kindle and Amazon, reaching sales of two thousand books a day in just six weeks. Soon after, I signed with Harlequin publishing and am excited to say that my book will soon be available in print.

My ten year goal is to have one of my books made into a movie.

I live in a beach town in Florida with my husband of seven years and my step-son. When I’m not writing I love watching SEC football games, reading, horseback writing and watching movies. I also love to keep up to date with my fans on Twitter and Facebook, feel free to come and join the conversation.

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