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Catherine Spencer

Catherine Spencer

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Catherine's top writing themes

Elements of time
Romance and passion
Emotional expression

About Catherine

I currently live with my husband in White Rock, a small seaside community south of Vancouver, British Columbia. I have four grown children, five grandchildren, two dogs and a cat, all of which are perfect! I have yet to find the perfect house, though, and despite repeated promises never to do so again, I continue to persuade my husband to undertake renovations which always turn out to be more extensive and costly than I envisaged.

In my limited spare time, I enjoy swimming, walking, reading, playing the piano, collecting antiques, and growing tropical plants. I once drove from B.C. to North Dakota and spent a week cruising small-town auctions there and in South Dakota and Minnesota, looking for small antique items to bring home. I ended up renting the biggest U-Haul trailer my car could tow, and had it stuffed to the roof with furniture. Ever since, my husband refuses to let me leave town unless he’s along for the ride!

Favourite films

A Farewell To Arms