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Teresa Southwick

Teresa Southwick

Bestselling Author of heartwarming romance

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Teresa's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Emotional expression
The body

About Teresa

I discovered my love for books through being lazy. In a high-school history class I was given a list of possible projects, and I chose to do an imaginary diary of Marie Antoinette since it seemed to require the least amount of work. I soon realised that in order to come up with any plausible personal entries for Marie, I needed to know a little something about the woman. Research was required. (After all, I did actually want to pass the class!)

Since I began my writing career, I've published over thirty books – four of them historicals, for which I had to do lots of research. I’m happy to say laziness played no part in the creative process and no brain cells were harmed in the writing of those books. Nowadays, I find that knowing as much as I can about my characters is more fun than it is work.

I live with my husband in Las Vegas where you'll find me hard at work on my next romance for Harlequin.

Favourite films

The American President and Sleepless in Seattle

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The Desert Princes

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