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Lois Richer

Lois Richer

Rich, romatic, refreshing - fiction you can savour

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Lois's top writing themes

Body language
The body
Emotional expression

About Lois

I'm fairly certain I was born in the wrong era! I love to travel – to any where, any time, any way I can get there. Exploring new places, discovering new cultures, tasting new dishes... I should have been a frontier woman. Last fall my hubby and I rode camels in Lanzarote. It was terrifying but fun! And I played with the monkeys in Gibraltar and the penquins at the tip of South America. I adore travel.

But of course I can't always get away, so I've learned to let my imagination run free and that's how I approach my stories. Anything is possible. I like strong heroines who aren't afraid to take on a challenge and heroes who aren't afraid of women of action. The strong emotional grip as they meet and fall in love is what I try to achieve and if they can do it in an unusual location, so much the better. So watch out! You never know where my next book might take you.


I love swimming. Of course in my cool Canadian climate, I'm severely restricted, especially after this cold chilly winter. But give me some water and unless sharks are in it, I'm there.

Recently I've picked up an old hobby – sewing. I've made a quilt, a hanging and a new dress for my son's wedding. The possibilities and the fabric choices are endless so I may have to be lured out of my sewing room.

For my next bout of travelling I'm hoping to get 'down under' – but you just never know where I'll end up along the way. Maybe I'll see you there!

Favourite films

The African Queen

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