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Penny Richards

Penny Richards

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Penny's top writing themes

Pregnancy and babies
Family - parenthood

About Penny

I'm one of those people who's interested in everything! I've worked as a beautician, interior decorator, short-order cook, and store clerk. Besides studying cosmetology and interior decorating, I've also taken courses in wine appreciation and screenwriting. There's not much I'm afraid to tackle in the way of anything creative, and I've taught myself to play the guitar, oil paint and I do my own wallpapering and furniture refinishing.

Clearly, I like the challenge of learning about something new, so I collect books.

I also collect bride dolls (I'm an incurable romantic), cookbooks from different states (though I seldom cook), teapots (even though I'm a coffee drinker – I once had 13 pounds of gourmet coffee stashed in my freezer), and stoves (three antique, one commercial – in case I ever decide I want to try out those cookbooks).

Then there are my collections of old dishes (I probably have enough to serve the attendees of an RWA conference), old linens, and vintage clothes.

I like being an active part of my community, and am vice president of my garden club and arts league. I am also on the boards of the local literacy council, Friends of the Library, and Chamber of Commerce.

I like old movies (the sadder, the better), flea markets, estate sales and yard sales (I love a good bargain), reading (everything, including cookbooks). I hate unloading the dishwasher (maybe the reason I seldom cook?) and shopping for clothes (you can tell by my wardrobe) or food (you can't tell by my weight).

Between books, I'm renovating my new old house; a Queen Anne built in 1902, where I've put all the chipped and scratched dishes and furniture, the now sage-green commercial stove, and two of the antique ranges, giving me 15 burners. My husband lives in hope that one day I may decide to use them.

Favourite films

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, A Walk in the Clouds, Don Juan DeMarco and Rob Roy