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Marilyn Pappano

Marilyn Pappano

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Marilyn's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Emotional expression
Physical intimacy

About Marilyn

Award-winning and bestselling author, international traveller, feted at a Hollywood premiere...

All true... but my regular life is a whole lot more routine. Dealing with the five big puppers who share our house, babysitting our grandson, battling the jungle that is our yard, praying for summer in winter and dreaming of winter in summer, and hunkering down at the computer – that's my real life.

I grew up in Oklahoma and had the fun of living in Georgia, Alabama, California and the Carolinas, thanks to my husband's Navy career. When he retired, we came home to Oklahoma and have lived in the same house for seventeen years. That's a real 'Wow!' for someone used to the nomadic military life.

Writing was the perfect career for all that moving. I've set books, or part of them, in every state we've lived in and been inspired by every place I've ever been. I've now written somewhere around 80 books, and I think I've got only about 8,000 stories left to tell.

My biggest hobby is starting new projects. Starting. Not completing. I'm still not done with the cross-stitched Army seal I started when our son joined out of high school. He did tours in Georgia, Colorado, Korea, Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan and Louisiana, and has been out for a few years. So I'm a little slow.

I like to think about getting organised, painting my living room in cool beachy colors, and turning my entire five-acre yard into a garden. I also dream about having every room in my house clean at exactly the same time, but I live by the motto of the woman who taught me to quilt: A clean house is the sign of a bored woman... and I've never been bored.

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