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Maggie Price

Maggie Price

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Maggie's top writing themes

Crime and drugs
The body
Physical intimacy

About Maggie

I turned to crime at the age of 22 – when I went to work at the Oklahoma City Police Department. As a civilian crime analyst, I evaluated suspects' methods of operation during the commission of robberies and sex crimes, and developed profiles on those suspects.

During my tenure at OCPD, I stood in lineups, snagged assignments to homicide task forces, established procedures for evidence submittal, even posed as the wife of an undercover officer in the investigation of a fortune-teller. Drawing on 12 years of experience in law enforcement, I penned my first novel, Prime Suspect.

I've conducted extensive research for my novels by visiting OCPD's forensics laboratory, taking aim on the police firing range, riding the graveyard shift with patrol officers, and hitting the streets with OCPD's Vice Detail during the conduct of a prostitute sting.

Favourite films

The Last of the Mohicans

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