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Diane Pershing

Diane Pershing

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Legal affairs
Emotional expression - wit
Elements of time

About Diane

I can't remember a time when I didn't have my nose buried in a book. As a child I used to cheat the bedtime curfew by snuggling under the covers with my teddy bear, a flashlight and a forbidden (read 'grown-up') novel. My adored, exasperated mother warned me that I would ruin my eyes, but so far – knock wood – they still work.

I was born and raised in Queens, New York, then moved to Los Angeles and attended college at UCLA. After graduation, I went on the road and didn't get off for many years. I was a back-up singer for several night-club acts (Johnny Mathis, Ann-Margaret, etc.), the lead singer in a rock group (The Establishment), and a member of the cast in over one hundred plays at various regional theatres all across the United States and Canada. Along the way, I also worked as a songwriter, disk jockey, and film critic – and that’s the short list. I don't feel as restless as I sound; I just like the challenge of having a lot of different things going on at once.

I began doing voiceovers as a way to finally set down roots and start a family, and was lucky enough to establish myself as a top voice actor in the L.A. area. But all actors experience 'in-between times,' so about twenty years ago, I began writing for television. I also created a weekly film criticism column for the award-winning Malibu Times, which lasted four years. 

When a friend recommended that I take up romance-reading as a way to heal a recently broken heart, I scoffed, declaring pompously that I didn't want to read about 'a bunch of weak women waiting for a man to fix them.' Obviously, I had no idea what the genre really meant, or how far it had come from the early, 'bodice-ripping' days. I turned down the friend's suggestion, but she persisted – bless her – and I picked one up. And another. And another... until I was in the grip of a full-fledged addiction (I do nothing half-way, which is the good news and the bad). About a year and about three hundred books later, I tried my hand at writing one.

I sold that book Sultry Whispers in 1992. Since then, I’ve written and sold a lot more books, straight romance, romantic suspense, and light comedy - more of that restless nature of mine which refuses to be pigeonholed into one category.

I still live in Los Angeles, in a lovely condo nestled in the hills of Silver Lake, near downtown, and am surrounded by supportive, loving family and friends.

I’ve taken on some added responsibility for Romance Writers of America, the excellent, ten thousand-member-strong writers group I joined in 1992. I’ve been on the national Board for three years. It's lots of work, but all for an organisation I love.

More and more, writing is filling up my time, my head, and my heart. I think it's because, as an actress, I get to play only the part I'm assigned to; as a writer, I get to play all the parts – in my imagination, at least. I intend to continue creating new characters for as long as the ideas come and someone wants to buy them. I have the delicious sense of being where I belong at last.

I love to hear from my readers! Please feel free to get in touch via my website. Thanks for stopping by...