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Katie Oliver

Katie Oliver

If you like a bit of comedy with your romance...

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About Katie

Without going into all of that boring, ‘where-I-was-born’ stuff that Holden Caulfield so rightfully despised, I entered the world in the usual way at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. I grew up, got married, and I’ve lived in Northern Virginia ever since.
I began writing stories at eight, when I folded typing paper into fourths, stapled it together, and filled each (admittedly small) page with a sentence and an illustration. My dad read them, and pretended to like them. And that was enough.

In high school I read a lot of Henry James and Edgar Allen Poe, and fell in love with wordy prose and morbid subject matter. I listened to The Cure a lot, too.
I eventually abandoned Henry and Edgar for Agatha Christie, and went on to read stacks of Harlequin and Regency romances. 

In those days, romance heroines were either 1. nurses or 2. governesses. They were slender and beautiful and fell in love with the mysterious master of a crumbling estate, or a French race car driver with a tragic past. I mean, seriously – a French race car driver? No one falls in love with a French race car driver. And who knows the mysterious master of a crumbling estate? Not me.

Still, it’s fun to imagine. And in the end, isn’t that what writing – and reading good books – is all about?

What advice would you give to new writers?

Write. And read a lot. And write some more.

Favourite films

Arthur (the Dudley Moore version), Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Overboard