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Pia Padukone

Pia Padukone

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Growing up in NYC has its privileges, all of which have certainly helped shape my life and my love for all things literary. One of my earliest memories is of spending hours in the children's section of the original Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue next door to my family's apartment building as a 3 year old, firmly believing that it was my own personal library. It's no surprise really that my future in writing and books was cemented early.

I derive literary inspiration from the world around me – witnessing interactions while running in Central Park, overhearing delicious snippets of gossip in waiting rooms, as well as those ever-engaging exchanges on the subway. My fascination with with my parents’ past lives in India before they settled in New York was an impetus behind my first novel, Where Earth Meets Water

I've run two marathons, completed two triathlons and am a self-proclaimed foodie; my husband and I keep devoted readers up to date and drooling over delicacies and book reviews over our reading and eating blog. I am a proud graduate of Stuyvesant High School and the London School of Economics. I entered the professional writing world as a copywriter in pharmaceutical advertising where my writing hopefully persuades medical professionals to look beyond the conditions and to the individual with needs that transcend their disease.

I was a finalist for Seventeen Magazine's fiction writing award and more recently a winner of the Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest. My debut novel, Where Earth Meets Water, will be published in May 2014 by Harlequin MIRA.