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Josie Metcalfe

Josie Metcalfe

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Josie's top writing themes

Emotional expression - wit
doctors and healing injuries

About Josie

My childhood was a strange mixture of loneliness and too much company. As the eldest of a large family, solitude was at a premium, but as an Army brat I had few friends of my own as we were always on the move. My books became both my friends and my means of escape from clamouring siblings.

After school I trained as a teacher with a special interest in fabrics and design, and, being small, I still find that the clothes I can find time to design and make for myself fit better than anything I buy. The spare pieces of fabric that gradually pile up started my interest in patchwork and quilting and for a while I took commissions to make quilts.

My abiding love, though, is books. I have been reading since my mother taught me when I was four and I have always loved being surrounded by them. The transition from voracious reader (on holiday I could fly through as many as seven books in a day) to writing myself seems obvious in retrospect and I love it, even when the characters aren't behaving themselves for me!

Several years ago I had a blood transfusion as part of an urgent operation and went into anaphylactic shock. After the panic was over I discovered that part of my memory had been destroyed and I could no longer read. As a life-long bookworm I was horrified at the thought of having to start learning to read all over again. Then my husband came home with a carrier bag full of Harlequin Mills & Boon romances. It took a solid month of blood, sweat, and tears to finish reading the first one, but it was the quality of the writing that kept me going to the end. By the time I was signed off as fit to work again I had read them all and was hooked. Then my husband nudged me into action by daring me to write them, too!

With my childhood history I'm never short of backgrounds for stories, and with so many different professions just within the immediate family, there are always people to ask for background information!

I am thrilled to have found a career that I love so much and I only hope to continue writing romances for Mills & Boon.

Favourite films

The Trap with Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham

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