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David Shaw

David Shaw

Proud to write for Carina

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About David

I reside in an average home, in an average street, in the frightfully average town called Kilmarnock, which sits a decidedly uncomfortable 1-inch below Glasgow in your average road map. My passion for writing began after I was informed by a spirit guide that I would soon be working on a very important project that would involve searching for the true meaning of life. Several years later, after having enjoyed the privilege of writing spiritual articles for many publications and magazines, I now find myself as the proud author of a book containing my life-story. You can read about my amazing family, my appalling football team and the reason why I am still alive today. My journey through every aspect of the spirit world may totally astound you, but when the dust finally settles on the last book cover, I will still only be an average Joe – just a guy who wrote a book.

What advice would you give to new writers?

Don’t measure success by how many books you sell, but by how many lives you change.

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